Find the ideal donor: Fenomatch

Finding your ideal donor: Fenomatch

Fenomatch increases the possibility that your baby looks like you.

The decision to have a baby is one of the most important decisions made in life. Finding the best egg or sperm donor to make that dream come true is just as important. We want to help you, we want to be part of your wonderful life project.


BigData solution for the selection of your donor based on facial resemblance.

We study 12.000 distances between facial points to determine the degree of kinship, therefore your medical team can choose the best option. You only need a photo and your center will take care of the rest. Fenomatch compares your biometric points with those of all available donors and finds the ideal donor for you.

FenoMatch compares your biometric points with those of all available donors and finds the ideal donor for you.


Does that mean the Fenomatch the main criterion is for donor selection?

No, the main criteria for donor selection are still those determined by the medical team which are based on immunological compatibility (blood group), phenotypical compatibility (eye colour, hair colour, ethnic group….), and the most important aspect of this process: to have a healthy baby.

This technology offers the possibility to choose the donor that resembles most, among all those preselected by the medical team.



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