Comprehensive fertility diagnosis.

Comprehensive fertility diagnosis

Our fertility diagnosis is focused on, and adapted to, each specific case of women or couples trying to get pregnant for some time without success.

The tests usually involve:

  • Study of the ovarian reserve.
  • Study of the ovulatory process.
  • Semen analysis.
  • Examination of the female reproductive system.

Infertility nowadays

Even though 25-35% of the infertility cases are due to a male factor, it is advanced maternal age when desiring to conceive, that can be considered as the present main cause of the increasing number of infertility cases. Human fertility has changed with time, but it is clearly limited by the length of women’s reproductive capacity, which is at its maximum between their 20’s-30’s.

From this time onwards, physiological fertility decline starts and becomes more evident after 35, and even more so, after 38 years of age.