Egg Donation

Egg donation

In some cases, the patient lacks enough eggs of good quality to provide a reasonable chance of conceiving. For these women the best treatment option is IVF with donor eggs and sperm from the partner or donor.

The patient receiving the eggs undergoes a simple hormone therapy to ensure that her own menstrual cycle matches the donor’s and is ready to receive an embryo for implantation.

All our donors are compliant with a comprehensive and thorough clinical and psychological screening before they are admitted to our donation program.

Recommended for:

  • Older maternal age: the chances for a successful pregnancy are substantially reduced with age.
  • Early menopause or early ovarian failure.
  • Absence of the ovaries: congenital or after surgery.
  • Failure of previous ART treatments.
  • Genetic diseases: hereditary diseases that cannot be avoided with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Gamete donation in Spain is ruled by Royal Decree-law 9/2017, May 26 and Royal Decree-law 14/2006, May 16, on Assisted Human Reproduction techniques.