Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

It happens very often that couples who undergo a FIV-ICSI treatment, obtain exceeding embryos to criopreserve for future pregnancies.

The Spanish Law offers 4 possible uses for these frozen embryos:

  1. Keep them for own utilization in future treatments
  2. Donation with research purpose
  3. Donation with reproductive purposes
  4. Termination of their preservation without other use


The third option (donation with reproductive purposes) allows to create the Embryo Donation Program: some couple who have already achieved the pregnancy by their own reproduction treatment, and do not want to have more child, decide to donate them to other couples who have not yet succeeded.

The procedure is very simple, only requires the preparation of the endometrium of the receiving patient. Once ready, the embryos are thawed and placed in the womb, so that after 15 minutes the patient can return to normal daily activity.

After 15 days the pregnancy test has to be realized.

In IMER program we have a very successful Embryo Donation Program, from couples who already have undergone assisted reproduction treatments at our center, and have already achieved a pregnancy. Many of these donated embryos come of treatments including egg donation and sperm donation.

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