Embryo Selection System

Embryo Selection System

GERI TIME LAPSE INCUBATOR is a continuous embryo monitoring system of every phase of the embryo development, from the fertilization of the oocyte up to the embryo transfer.

An integrated microscope with a high-resolution camera takes images of the embryos at small lapses of time, indicating the exact timing of events such as cell division, presence of multinucleation or fragmentation, and providing useful information to our biologists in a non-invasive way.

NON-INVASIVE SYSTEM: With GERI TIME LAPSE we can observe the embryos without altering their development. The system records everything that happens inside the incubator, giving the opportunity to evaluate the development of the embryos.  It also allows the biologists to choose the embryos that offer the best quality and implantation potential, meaning an increase in the success rates of our treatments

Sistema Geri Selección Embrionaria

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